Monday, October 24, 2011

The Big Reveal

On Friday, we got feedback from lighting designer Scott Richardson who gave us some great ideas and advice on how to use light in the space. One main point he made was making it easier on older eyes, eyes with visual impairments, and even young eyes with great vision by decreasing glare. He suggested we do this by decreasing the difference in inside light and outside light while entering the space by creating a transition that allows the eyes to adjust to different light. We discussed the harsh, hospital-like florescent lighting that is currently in the space and he advised us to look at different kinds of florescent lighting that isn't so harsh. Upon Scott seeing our hexagonal graphic, we discussed backlighting with him as a way to highlight the shapes as well as creating interesting shadows to continue patterns on the floor, walls, and ceiling. He saw our triangular overhang idea as a good opportunity to diffuse light using a translucent material. We're looking forward to meeting with Scott again on November 4th to discuss more exciting possibilities!

Our 2nd presentation on Friday was given to David Lopresti and Richard from IOB. Kelsey, Anuj and I spoke to them about our process so far, our preliminary ideas for the space, and our concept. I am happy to report that they were astounded by the fruits of our labor and were totally on board with our concept and graphic idea. Richard was especially excited about the prospect of a tactile experience using lots of texture. Based on their feedback, we are now planning to incorporate more texture into our hexagonal graphic. Our next step is focusing on making our graphic at different scales and exploring 3D elements and the use of texture.

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