Monday, October 24, 2011

The Wall 2.0 + concept

After completing our texture studies and arriving upon a final graphic (hexagon tessellations), we developed a concept that we believed fit the IOB. Our final concept is a family tree, specifically a white oak. We believed that a family tree symbolizes the closeness and family-like work environment at Industries of the Blind. The roots of the tree symbolize the "roots" of the IOB: founders of the company, its past achievements that began what it is today. The trunk is the IOB management and factory workers, everyone who now creates what IOB is providing for the community and the military. The leaves are the actual products themselves, IOB's contribution to the world. We chose a white oak because it is native to Greensboro and it is a very strong and sturdy tree that shows the resilience of the IOB and the ability to bounce back from hard times. We displayed this "tree" using our hexagon graphic on the wall, beginning with dark, muted triangles at the bottom of the wall and blossoming into a colorful mass of warm color.

The process of creating this final bit of wall was a bit tedious and definitely challenging at times, but we all worked together to create an awesome final display. Here's a look at our process throughout the week:

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