Monday, October 10, 2011

beginning ideas in post-it note form

Being more than excited to take on the IOB, we all needed to get out individual ideas for the space out and organized. With 8 people in the group, it was difficult to try and figure out a method that we could use to have everyone’s ideas heard and remembered. After a small epiphany at 3 o’clock in the morning, I had an idea: post-it notes.

I sent out an email explaining my idea to the group; we were going to each write out our ideas on post-it notes. I supplied the post-its and a small container to put them in after an idea was down. We did it over the course of the weekend and on Monday took them all out to try and start organizing our thoughts and ideas.

what the post-its actually say
We came to the conclusion that we had three main categories to focus on, 1)texture/pattern 2)lighting 3)telling the story. We are starting with texture/pattern and plan on creating multiple ideas, sketches, and sketch models to explore this category.

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